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Medical Coding and Billing 10

Medical Coding and Billing 10

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  • ICD-10-CM/PCS Overview

    • Standardized coding system for diagnoses, procedures, and services.
    • Detailed classification for accurate healthcare documentation.
  • Roles in Healthcare

    • Medical coders and billers translate medical records into specific codes.
    • Ensure reimbursement accuracy and compliance.
  • Training Programs

    • Specialized courses cover ICD-10 system, coding guidelines, terminology.
    • Hands-on practice with coding software and real-case scenarios.
  • Career Paths

    • Employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, insurance, and consulting.
    • Roles include coders, auditors, billing specialists, and trainers.
  • Industry Demand

    • High demand for skilled coders and billers for reimbursement accuracy.
    • Essential for compliance and healthcare data analysis.
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