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Google Analytics 4 - GA4 Training Course

Google Analytics 4 - GA4 Training Course

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  • GA4 Training Overview

    • Focuses on Google Analytics 4 platform mastery.
    • Covers data model, tracking setup, and analysis techniques.
    • Provides insights for data-driven decision-making.
  • Course Content

    • Introduction to GA4 features and interface.
    • Configuration of properties and data streams.
    • Focus on event-based data model and engagement metrics.
  • Implementation Process

    • Installing and configuring tracking codes.
    • Setting up events, conversions, and custom metrics.
    • Advanced topics like data filters and cross-domain tracking.
  • Data Analysis Skills

    • Interpreting and visualizing data.
    • Creating custom reports and dashboards.
    • Utilizing audience segmentation and cohort analysis.
  • Certification Impact

    • Equips professionals for data-driven optimization.
    • Valuable for marketers, analysts, and business owners.
    • Demonstrates proficiency in GA4 for performance enhancement.
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