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Dyanmic Pillar

Google DevOps Training Series

Google DevOps Training Series

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  • Google DevOps Training Overview

    • Comprehensive program focused on DevOps with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
    • Ideal for streamlining development, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing GCP application deployment.
  • Covering Vital DevOps Practices

    • Learn continuous integration, delivery, infrastructure automation, and monitoring.
    • Utilize GCP tools like Cloud Build, Kubernetes Engine, and Stackdriver for effective deployment and automation.
  • Accelerating Software Development

    • Gain skills for faster time to market, improved quality, and enhanced efficiency.
    • Implement DevOps practices on GCP for smoother deployments and resource management.
  • Invest in Professional Growth

    • Equip yourself with DevOps skills on Google Cloud Platform.
    • Drive innovation, improve software delivery, and excel in cloud-native application development.
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